Greetings Friends! Welcome to the home of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award. This annual award has been created with the support of the United States Navy, Cleveland Indians, the Baseball Hall of Fame, the USS Alabama,  and the gracious consent of Mrs. Anne Feller to honor 3 individuals that reflect the values, integrity and dedication to serving our country that Bob Feller himself possessed.

Annual Selection Process

A United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, a Pro Baseball Player and a Baseball Hall of Fame Member

Feller's Pitch

Feller’s Pitch

Every year, members of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award board, with the assistance from all 30 MLB organizations, will nominate one player from their respective teams, vetting each nominee. There will also be one member of the Baseball Hall of Fame nominated to represent this distinctive group that Feller exemplified.

The United States Navy will nominate a Chief Petty Officer for the award, with a vetting process conducted through the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. A representative of the United States Navy will present the award to the Command as they see fit.

Each spring, the board will announce the three finalists  in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bob Feller: American Hero

Bob Feller is widely recognized as the greatest pitcher to have ever played the game yet few know he also enlisted in the military just days following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. With a great career in front of him and a father dying of cancer, he chose to make the selfless sacrifice to protect our great country.

Bob Feller was decorated with six campaign ribbons and eight battle stars, while serving on missions in both the Pacific and the North Atlantic. He is the only Chief Petty Officer in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

When asked what the most important game he ever won was, Feller replied, “World War II.”

The Navy Man

Feller’s New Uniform
(Photo: Cleveland News/Plain Dealer Historical Photograph Collection)

In recognition of  what a true American hero Feller was, we ask you to share with older veterans, returning service men and women, and the country as a whole, all this award represents.  Please join us in support of those who truly desire to carry forth the memory and legacy  of Bob Feller’s sacrifice and service to his country. 


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