2018 Nominee – Sean Doolittle

Sean Doolittle
Team: Washington Nationals

Position: Pitcher

Sean Doolittle is the son of retired Air Force navigator Robert “Rory” Doolittle, who was awarded a bronze star after missions in the Balkans, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. He is also the seventh cousin of General James “Jimmy” Doolittle an aviation pioneer and one of the most-noted pilots of his time, leading the first attack against the Japanese home islands after Pearl Harbor – The Doolittle Raid.  Sean doesn’t just casually acknowledge this family history but has carefully studied and understands the times, context and situations with which his family members served.

It is in part this family history that inspires Sean to give back to those that serve.  He uses the spotlight that Major League Baseball provides to support military families and advance causes for which advocacy is truly needed. 

Sean and his wife Eireann are active in veteran’s affairs and the specific veterans’ causes they speak to, they do so because they have educated themselves on the issues.  For example, both of them are particularly passionate about “bad paper” veterans and the subsequent denial of VA medical/mental health services to veterans because of that designation. Sean’s engagement in veteran’s issues is authentic and intentional.