Marine Steve Gonzalez on Post Military Careers and Respect for Others

On the American Valor Podcast, Mr. Steve Gonzalez preaches the importance of being better each day. Steve joined the Marine Corps because he realized that doing so aligned with what he wanted to achieve in life: service to country as a means of believing in something bigger than himself. Steve speaks to the difficulty of transitioning out of military service.

The gap between society and former members of the military is discussed as well as ways to close this gap by supporting those who have served. Society must do more than say ‘thank you for your service.’ We must understand how to best help integrate those individuals fighting for us as they readjust to civil society. Through his time in the Marines and on Capitol Hill, Steve explains the similarities and differences between the organizations with the common mission of protecting the best interest of the country.

Mr. Gonzalez defines valor as helping others to strengthen society in a small way daily: valor is consistently serving individuals out of a genuine concern for their well-being.

Marine Steve Gonzalez earned his Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies from Queens University of Charlotte. Steve’s experience includes service as the Assistant Director of National Veterans Employment and Education for the American Legion, Senior Policy Advisor to the Committee on the Budget of the United States House of Representatives, and Vice President of Government Relations for the Career Education Colleges and Universities. Steve is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Foundation.

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