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Peter Fertig

Creator of the Bob Feller Act of
Valor Award

Peter Fertig is the founder and President of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation. Peter’s vision in creating this exceptional foundation was to honor the life of Bob Feller. The Foundation is the first and only direct intersection between Major League Baseball, led by the Cleveland Indians, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame, connecting the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps into an official Naval and baseball Award. Peter has progressively and meticulously led and built a strong team of business, civic, and military individuals that have one goal in mind: To help make our country a little stronger. We do this with an educational outreach that helps tell our story.

The goal of the foundation is to take a leadership role in the lives of our youth by teaching the story of the greatest generation of National Baseball Hall of Fame players that served in WWII led by Bob Feller and the 36 other HOF Players to the youngest generation.

Peter is the author as well as a Professional speaker on two of his best-selling books. The Deal is on Strike Three (An Angel’s Touch Publishing Co. 2005) and Walk of Heroes: Profiles of Valor (An Angel’s Touch Publishing Co. 2019).

The Deal is on Strike Three has three National Baseball Hall of Fame players that contributed to the book, a foreword by Tom Seaver, an introduction by Bob Feller and final thoughts by Cal Ripken.

Mr. Feller, a World War II Navy Veteran, was one of Peter’s heroes not because he was one of the best pitchers in the 20th century, but because of what he gave up to defend this country in an uncertain time in our country’s history. Peter did several book signings with Mr. Feller at the National Baseball Hall of Fame before his unfortunate passing in 2010. Learning and meeting Bob Feller was the motivation for creating the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award.

After the passing of Mr. Feller, Peter formed “The Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation” with the blessing of his widow, Mrs. Anne Feller. He did so as a sincere gesture for his contribution to Peter’s book. With Mrs. Feller’s help, Peter was able to secure the support of Major League Baseball, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Indians, and the USS Alabama, the ship where Feller was stationed in World War II. The final result was making this an official Naval Award through the United States Navy done on Memorial Day 2013 with the help of Admiral Michael Jabaley.

In 2015, at the request of the Secretary of the Navy, The Honorable Ray Mabus, the Act of Valor Award Foundation was asked to support a Marine component of the Award under the auspice of the foundation. In July of 2015, at the induction ceremony in Cooperstown NY, the Secretary of the Navy announced the Marine component of the Award for Mr. Jerry Coleman.

Peter has been married 30 years this year to his high school sweetheart Kelly, and they have four beautiful children together Matthew, Jackie, Jordan and Tyler and currently live in Sound Beach New York on the east end of Long Island. Peter has worked at ADP for the last 18 years and has 17 President’s Clubs as one of the top sales associates at this Fortune 100 Company. Peter does speaking events throughout the country telling his unbelievable story and how on his strong faith and belief in God has taken himself and his family to a level only acquired by his strong faith.